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Warehouse Markings Luton

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If you’re looking for a warehouse marking specialist in the Luton area, look no further than Newns Markings. Located on Poynters Road, Luton, we have more than 30 years’ experience in the installation of warehouse floor markings in commercial properties throughout Luton and much further afield.

Our team of line marking professionals use the latest materials and techniques to ensure your warehouse floor markings perform in the way they’re intended, and retain their vibrancy and visibility irrespective of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Bespoke Warehouse Floor Marking, Luton

At Newns Markings we design and install any layout of floor markings your Luton warehouse requires. Whether you’re looking for a specific set of colours or graphics to keep on-brand, or looking to create a unique one-way system or a drop-off and collection point etc., get in touch today.

We install high-quality, long-lasting bespoke warehouse floor markings to all types and sizes of warehouses right across Luton, throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, and to huge range of clients ranging from retail facilities, storage facilities, factories and showrooms.

Warehouse Line Marking Company

At Newns Markings, we understand the time constraints and pressures of a modern warehouse environment, and how any additional projects taking place within the warehouse, such as line marking, can have a serious impact on productivity.

To help reduce or remove this potential impact, we’ll work with you to ensure any line marking project is planned around the workings of your warehouse, whether that means carrying out the work at night, early mornings or at the weekend.

What are warehouse floor markings?

Warehouse floor markings are, as the name suggests, markings on warehouse floors, designed to highlight specific areas of a warehouse or a similar commercial property.

Most warehouse floor markings are installed using thermoplastic or epoxy resins, and due to each applications hardwearing properties and range of colours, warehouse markings have a range of benefits that help in the general running of a warehouse, including:

Highlighting danger zones: A warehouse floor marking design using cross-hatchings or thick red lines etc., is one of the most effective ways to warn of a danger zone, such as a hazardous materials store, or where moving machinery is in operation.

Highlighting forklift truck use: A warehouse marking layout consisting of lines, symbols and routeways, is an ideal method of helping ensure the safe use of forklift trucks within a warehouse situation.

Highlighting walkways: Carefully marked out walkways not only help staff and visitors successfully navigate a warehouse, designated walkways also keep pedestrians within safe zones and show the quickest route from one point to another.

Increasing productivity: As surprising as it may sound, a strategically thought-out warehouse floor marking design improves the organisation and effectiveness of a warehouse, therefore increasing overall productivity.

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Whatever layout or design of warehouse line markings you’re looking for in your warehouse, whether it’s in Luton or much further afield, contact Newns Markings today to discuss your project with one of our fully qualified specialists.

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