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Have you been searching for a warehouse floor marking specialist in or around Bletchley? Then look no further than Newns Markings.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the layout design, and installation of all types of hardwearing, long-lasting warehouse markings.

Whether you’re just looking to refresh the markings you already have in your warehouse, or you’re looking for a brand new layout, we have the tools, the experience and a team of professional warehouse marking operatives ready to get the job done.

What are Warehouse Markings?

Warehouse markings, as the name suggests, are painted markings on a warehouse floor. The markings are designed for three main purposes, including:

Safety – Safety is of paramount importance in a warehouse, and one of the best ways to improve safety is with the installation of a strategic line marking layout. The layout could include a colour-coded line system, as well as a set of arrows and graphics that give clear and concise information to warn of possible dangers.

Efficiency – Next to safety, efficiency is also vital within a warehouse, especially if you have export and import deadlines to meet etc. One of the ways to help achieve this level of efficiency is use a carefully planned line marking layout, to give pedestrians and drivers clear instructions on how to move around the warehouse, where items are located and where pallets need to be stacked etc.

Aesthetics – Although not as important as safety and efficiency, how a warehouse looks does play a huge part in how your business is viewed by clients and customers. A well thought-out, colourful and vibrant line marking layout can significantly improve the look of a warehouse, as well as giving you the opportunity to stamp your brand.

How we work

When you use Newns Markings for your Bletchley warehouse, our aim is to keep the process straightforward, and usually within three simple steps, including:

1. Free site survey – Your free site survey is the perfect opportunity for one of our operatives to get a clear understanding of the layout of your warehouse and the type of surface, as well as being able to measure up and go through your various options, such as which application will work best and be most cost-effective.

2. Design – Once we have the measurements, we’ll get to work on designing your layout. Keeping to current regulations, and using our years of experience, we’ll come up with a design that creates a safe, efficient and attractive warehouse environment.

3. Installation – Once your layout design has been agreed, we’ll book an installation date. The date and time of the installation can be arranged at a time that doesn’t cause disruption to your working day, which could be early in the morning, during the day, or late in the evening.

To carry out the installation, first we’ll use specialist equipment to ensure the surface of your warehouse floor is completely free from debris, chemicals and dust.

Once we’re satisfied, we’ll get on with installing the markings, using fume-free road marking machines, designed to ensure accurate markings with minimal overspill, and hardwearing line applications, such as Thermoplastic, MMA or Epoxy Resin.

Warehouse Line Markings Bletchley

To get your Bletchley warehouse floor marking project off the ground, contact Newns Markings today to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly line marking experts.

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