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Are you looking to transform your Berkhamsted playground with brightly coloured, imaginative and hardwearing playground markings?

Then contact Newns Markings today. We’re located just 30 minutes’ drive from Berkhamsted, and are one of the leading playground marking specialists in the area and much further afield.

What are playground markings?

Playground markings are non-toxic, thermoplastic lines installed on school or public playgrounds to help children and older students stay active and interact with each other during sporting activities or play.

Playground markings can be any design you wish and installed successfully on most surfaces including tarmac, concrete or block paving.

What are thermoplastic playground markings?

Thermoplastic playground markings are a heat applicated line marking system, consisting of a synthetic resin and special glass beads that help give the markings their unique reflective quality.

At Newns Markings, we use thermoplastic for playground markings for many other reasons, including:

Durability – Playgrounds are renowned for a high footfall, therefore any playground lines need to be resilient. Thermoplastic is naturally hardwearing and not likely to fade due to children enjoying playtimes.

Flexibility – Flexibility is one of the key requirements of playground line markings, especially when it comes to creating some of the more complex designs on uneven surfaces.

Colour choice – Because thermoplastic begins as a powder, it’s easy to add pigments to create a variety of exhilarating colours and to introduce additives to ensure the colours retain their vibrance over time.

Quick to set – Thermoplastic is one of the fastest setting playground line marking systems, setting in around 30 minutes after installation.

We work around you

With over 30 years’ experience in the line marking industry, we understand how short the school day is and how any interruption can cause challenges and setbacks for hardworking teachers.

This is why, at Newns Markings we work around you, making sure we install your playground line markings either in the early hours before the school day or in the evening when the children have gone home.

A wide range of designs

Each playground is individual and depending on its uses, requires specific playground markings to bring it to life. At Newns Markings we have the technology and the skill to produce any design you’d like.

Whether you want a huge number grid, a hopscotch pattern, a fun-sized board game, an exciting maze or a stunning sports and fitness track, our fully-qualified, line marking operatives will make sure it’s done to the highest standard possible.

Safety assurance

As with any professionals working in a school environment, all line marking operatives at Newns Markings are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked, giving you peace of mind at all times.

British Safety Standards

As another safety assurance, all the materials we use conform to the strict standards set out by the British Standards Institute.

This means that the materials we use to create your playground line markings have passed numerous, industrywide tests to ensure they meet all your expectations in the way they were intended.

Playground line markings, Berkhamsted

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    We Can Offer The Following:

  • Board games
  • Clocks & Compasses
  • Exercise & Adventure
  • Literacy
  • Mazes
  • Number Grids
  • Numeracy
  • Road Tracks
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Skill & Dexterity
  • Traditional Games

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